How Sore are you Today? –

How Sore are you Today?

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Check out this video about Scott Belkner. Scott has Cerebral Palsy and it has not dampened his enthusiasm, his drive, his attitude or his life.  His mother telling the doctor "Hell NO," when asked if she wanted to put him in a home is another testament to strength and love.  As much as I am impressed and amazed at watching the videos of Ed Coan, Dmitry Klokov, Stan Efferding and the other great lifters I admire, these videos offer a different perspective and attitude I think we all can learn from. Once again, the only thing you have control is your attitude.  You can choose to be/associate with the gossip scum, the Facebook fucks and the petty Life Suckers that martyr their lives and jobs - "poor, poor ME." Or you can choose to turn off the negative and realize that this short life deserves the best of you. Don't waste your life surviving. Find your passion and go forth, full bore.

No Excuses.