Quad Dominant or Hamstring Weak – Jim Wendler

Quad Dominant or Hamstring Weak

Eigylyt Quit thinking you're quad dominant. Unless your quads hang over your kneecaps like an elephant's testicles, you're not quad dominant. You're just hamstring weak. And to cut out a simple core exercise is not an option. I too was hamstring weak at one point. Today, I don't know if I'm hamstring STRONG, but certainly not hamstring weak. It took a lot of time to bring my hamstrings up to a level that was acceptable. This was also the case with my lats, lower back, and abs. The solution was simple: Hard work. And patience. The first thing I did was make hamstring work the second thing I did on lower body days. So immediately after my main exercise, I would do good mornings or glute ham raises. In fact, Kevin Deweese (my old training partner) and I would do three sets of glute ham raises before each workout, lower or upper body. And on lower body days, we'd do them (or something similar) after the main lift of the day. Because I'd neglected them for so long, it took about two years of quality training to bring them to an acceptable level. I was fine with this, as you should be too. Two years is nothing in the lifetime of a lifter, and you should be doing it anyway.  And what is so wrong about having a dominant muscle?  Unless it somehow leads to injury, I say ride the wave.  Working your weakness is in vogue, but what about exploiting your weakness?  Does that not have some merit? The point is this: Cutting out a "big" exercise because you're quad dominant is pointless unless you're going to hurt yourself. You may have to alter the weights a bit to make sure you don't do something stupid, but cutting it out entirely? That's the last thing you should do. Get the 2nd Edition 5/3/1 Ebook Here 5/3/1 Hard Copy on Amazon