Make the Playoffs

Make the Playoffs

Training Athletes -

A couple weekends ago, I presented at the elitefts Sports Performance Summit.  I highlighted my work with the ass kicking kids at London High School, who deserve all the credit. Sometimes coaches take way too much credit for wins that they didn't take one snap for.  Sorry but if you didn't snap up the helmet and didn't rob another man of his self-worth on the field, you didn't do as much as you think.

Still, I was proud to talk about the team's effort to turn the program around.  Their discipline, belief and attitude helped create a totally different expectation and culture at L.H.S.

Here are some videos that elitefts has graciously made ready for the public. 

As an added bonus, elitefts also did a somewhat brief summary of my presentation - remember that training is more than sets/reps and the exercises used; it's about principles and understanding YOUR program and seeing/reading indicators. You can read the summary here.

There is also a detailed write up of all my notes on the Jim Wendler forum.  Whatever you watch or read, if you are coaching, teaching, raising or mentoring young kids, you are changing the world.  Teach them to be strong physically and mentally. Teach them to be free-thinkers.  Teach them to be fiercely independent.  Teach them to follow their own paths one day.



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