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Anyone who is remotely interested in heavy music and/or the idea that volume can be an instrument knows Jucifer.  Jucifer is a two-piece band consisting of Amber (guitars) and Edgar (drums). They are a married couple and ditched "normal life"; they sold their home, bought an RV and are on constant tour.  For those that have seen Jucifer live, you have also FELT Jucifer live.  Amber plays with a wall, literally a wall of cabinets powered by a huge number of bass and guitar amps.


Their music runs the gamut of minimalist sludge, grind, rock and everything in between. Their roots are clearly in doom/sludge and when they are fist-deep in the abyss, you know it.  While their recorded output is awesome, nothing comes close to their live show.  Some twats claim that this many amps/cabinents is overkill. Well, princess, that's kind of the fucking point.  Metal/rock is not supposed to "normal" or be nice or bowing to convention.  It's supposed to push boundaries, make you go crazy, test your limits and sometimes make you sick/upset.  Jucifer is not for everyone but you can always tell a fan; you mention the volume and the sheer power and their face just lights up.  They get it.

Here is a live session at a studio in (apparently) Moscow, Russia. 


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