Do What Is Necessary Magnet – Jim Wendler
Do What Is Necessary Magnet
Do What Is Necessary Magnet

Do What Is Necessary Magnet

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This statement has ruffled a lot of feathers, especially among the weaker avians.  Just because it made people mad doesn't make it untrue - your health is as important as your education.  If you don't need this, you know someone who does.

  • Comes in black with white writing
  • Magnet is 4"x3 1/2"

 "My daily reminder that all the knowledge and all the books are nothing without the sweat.  Mine's going in a Delta IV/Atlas V." - Scott Reynolds, Rocket Technician and Lifter

"Put mine in my gun locker because apparently stainless steel refrigerators aren't magnetic anymore."   - Matt Nealon, DC Police

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