Anyone Can Find 2 Days A Week For Strength

Anyone Can Find 2 Days A Week For Strength

EOD - training after the military -

Jim, just wanted to say thanks for 5/3/1 Forever. I started using the original 5/3/1 around 2009. Your straight forward training philosophy mirrors my own approach to training and life in general. In a previous life I was military explosive ordnance disposal technician and approaching 40 I feel every mile run, bomb suit worn, parachute landing, and Afghan trail cleared.

Now as a father of two very young ones with limited time I believe you wrote the 2x2x2 program with me mind. Without a doubt anyone can find 2 days a week for strength. I will use my walks with the dog and pushing the kids in the stroller with a weight vest as my road work/easy conditioning/recovery. 3-4 miles of family time at a clip. 30-40 minutes of mobility twice a week I can do while everyone else is asleep.

I can't recommend 5/3/1 Forever enough. I see programming that would have been perfect when I was 17. A different one that would have been perfect when I was 27,40,etc. We all have to put down our excuses so we can pick up what is important. One last thing. Converting my garage into a place to train is the single best thing I've ever done to improve my training.

Derik S.

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