Sled King

Sled King

Taken from the Jim Wendler Forum

There seems to be a theme lately with people who are hurt/injured and can't do certain movements. Trust me, I know your pain. And while it may haunt you for awhile, at some point you have to count your blessings. Care/Worry about what you CAN DO, not about what you cannot. Life sometimes hands you a big pile of shit; it may not be your fault HOWEVER how you handle it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Can't deadlift with a straight bar? Become the King of the Trap Bar.
  • Can't bench press? Become Emperor of the Press
  • Can't squat with any bar? Become the Sled King
I can't do the same shit I did when I was 18. Good! That means I did something right from then to now. Be THANKFUL for what you can do because in 20 years, you'll be wishing it was today.  However the mentally strong will evolve and find a way; the weak will quit and live to complain about it.

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