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5/3/1 Hard Copy (2nd Edition)
5/3/1 Hard Copy (2nd Edition)
5/3/1 Hard Copy (2nd Edition)

5/3/1 Hard Copy (2nd Edition)

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The response towards this simple but brutally effective training system has been overwhelming. This is because it works. And works for just about anyone willing to put in the discipline and work that getting stronger requires

Elite level lifters to absolute beginners have all used the 5/3/1 Method; the basic tenets of strength training have and will never change. Big exercises, constant progress, and personal records will never go out of style.

High school and college coaches are now using the 5/3/1 with their athletes with amazing success; it is easy to track, implement and will inspire any team to push for themselves to the limit.

The 5/3/1 Method is truly for anyone that is looking to get stronger. This is not a fancy training program that requires special equipment or Master's degree - all is required is your dedication to moving more weight than you had ever dreamed.

The 5/3/1 2nd Edition features new chapters on programming assistance training for all the big assistance lifts. No more questions on what weights to do and what exercises to choose from. Full body training to increase your squatting and overall strength. Simple and effective ways to eat for size and strength are revealed. Jim also covers how to combine 5/3/1 and Crossfit-style conditioning for maximum benefits and recovery. Finally, rest/pause training for assistance work for building size and strength is programmed for maximum benefit.

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