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5/3/1 Forever Hard Copy

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5/3/1 Forever is all about programming your total training; this includes mobility, jumps/med ball throws, you main lifts, supplemental, assistance work, conditioning and recovery.   As always, each part is broken down and addressed in a simple, easy to read/implement manner. This allows  the athlete or lifter to program his training, no matter what his goals. 

The goal of the book is to present simple guidelines to the athlete to help him program his training; as well as having exact training programs to help those that need help making decisions.  There are numerous variations and paths you can take that allow for millions of different variations and will keep your training fresh and moving forward.

Also included is the very popular and incredibly successful Krypteia program; this is being used by high school athletes for building size, speed, strength and power.  Football, basketball, track and baseball players have all used this program with great success. 

This book is 280 pages; there are no pictures and there is no fluff.

Read The Introduction

Excerpt On Recovery

Contents And Excerpt On Supplemental Lifts 

Excerpt On Bodyweight Assistance 

Krypteia Training Program - Detailed Review

* This book requires a working knowledge of the base 5/3/1 Program.  If you don't already own it - you should get it. 

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